Rebecca Swimwear | Art Collection
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„Be woman, be chic & unique!”

Art and fashion were walking along during the centuries, complementing or integrating each-other.

Rebecca’s Art Collection was created to enrich the beloved bikini with a more artistic, refinied style.
Each year the Art collection comes up with limited edition masterpieces of different art epochs & styles:
Renessaince pattern or folk motif, Tiffany or art deco style, ancient or futuristic it does not matter, the quintessence of this collection is the graceful feminine beauty, modest extravagance, intended uniqueness, because each piece has its own serial number made of Swarovski crystals.

Art Collection give a chance to enhance these features.
The swimwear ornamented by 4816 crystals composed Swarovski peacock and gold pleated and hand-painted Zsolnay porcelain deco bikini are the quintessence of womanity.

Bikinies with Art deco zigzag design constitute the other part of the collection, for the geometrical-line lovers.