Rebecca Swimwear | About us
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About us

Rebecca Kft. was founded in 1990 as a family enterprise in Budapest. In the beginning it was a small swimwear manufacturing company with few workers. The two sisters, Ágnes and Éva Várakozó previously dealing with art craft, were deeply inspired and willing to express their talent through something new. As a result of their 25 years of hard work,  Rebecca branded swimwear is sold under the collections Mythos, Episode, Art Collection and the newest BB by Rebecca in 40 countries today, in more than 500 retail points worldwide.

Rebecca Swimwear

The secret of the worldwide success lies in the unique style, elegant, high-quality swimwear and harmonizing beachwear supported by the owner’s background.

The cooperation of Ágnes Várakozó’s high technical knowledge in the swimwear production, Éva Várakozó’s outstanding creativity in design, marketing and the optimal company structure for realization of their projects set up by Miklós Márk, is what structures the company’s strong and successful operation. The second generation is represented in the company by Mirkó Márk. As General Manager assuring the continuity and the family cohesion he gives a special strength to Rebecca’s development.

In the past 15 years apart the style & beauty of each year’s collection, the company strategy was to build up a distribution system in Europe and worldwide. Thanks to the persistent sales channel development, Rebecca Swimwear has 18 exclusive distributors and agents in different countries and regions of the world. Currently focusing on the expansion into the US and Middle-East markets Rebecca proceeds to determined sales aims.

Due to the creativity, hard work, loyalty towards customers and fairness with suppliers, Rebecca is appreciated among professionals of the swimwear industry and high-end customers too.

In spite of the global presence Rebecca Swimwear lovers can be sure, that all products are manufactured accurately, with high-quality artisanal expertise, assuring all the aspects a LUXURY BRAND requires.